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Status URIOS Monitoring


1. Generalities Urios:

1.1. Persons who have reached the age of majority at the time of registration in accordance with their national legislation are allowed to work on this online platform.

1.2. Investment platform «Urios» guarantees Participants the security of their personal data, excluding the possibility of their transfer to third parties.

1.3. The decision made by the Participant to register on the official website of the investment platform, further cooperation and investment is exclusively voluntary.

1.4. «Urios» does not bear force majeure risks (arising from, for example, an earthquake, fire, flood, army actions, epidemics, and so on).

2. Rights and obligations of the Parties to the investment platform:

2.1. Cooperation with «Urios» begins only after registration on the official website of the investment platform; the Participant is allowed to have only one account in the system.

2.2. Money transfer is carried out by any of the methods provided and supported by the system.

2.3. At the request of the Participant, it is possible to open both one and several deposits at once.

2.4. The investment platform gives you the right to become A member of the partner program to attract new users and subsequent partner remuneration.

2.5. The participant has the right to replenish his balance exclusively with funds of legal origin.

2.6. The participant is obliged to keep the data necessary to log in to their account secure, protecting them from third parties.

2.7. It is forbidden to use the service as an exchange office, the penalty for violation of this prohibition is the termination of the contract with the subsequent refund of the user's funds within 30 working days.

3. Rights and obligations «Urios»:

3.1. The investment platform reserves the right to block the account of a Participant in respect of whom an appeal from representatives of the payment system about illegal actions has been received, or at the request of law enforcement agencies.

3.2. If the Participant attempts to damage the platform through blackmail, slander, hacking of the website, he / she reserves the right to refuse to continue providing services and block the account. Refunds are made within 30 business days.

3.3. The investment platform has the right to correct, rename, leave in the original form and make new sections, as well as items and sub-items of this list of rules and regulations. Warning everyone on the news channels.

3.4. The platform undertakes to keep the personal data of the Participant in strict confidentiality.

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×3.5. Investment service «Urios» assumes the obligation to accrue investment profit to the user's personal account in accordance with the terms of the investment plan chosen by the user. In accordance with The agreement on changing the profitability of the platform, the administration undertakes to inform the Investor of information related to changes in profitability in writing on information channels.

3.6. The investment platform undertakes to ensure monitoring of the site's performance and unhindered access of Participants to their personal accounts.

3.7. In case of non-compliance with the rules or ignoring warnings from the participant, the site security service reserves the right to partially restrict access to his account or block completely without further proceedings.

3.8. We guarantee all participants to make a profit until the cash register is empty «Urios»

3.9. The administration has the right to take from 5%-10% of all deposits. The funds are used to service the investment platform «Urios»

4. Financial issue:

4.1. Accrual of profit on tariffs is carried out in accordance with the conditions separately provided for each investment plan.

4.2. The participant has the unconditional right to dispose of the accrued funds at its discretion.

4.3. When you top up your balance, the Deposit is opened immediately. If the Deposit is not opened after payment by you within 5 minutes, please inform the platform support.

4.4. Operations on Deposit and withdrawal of funds are made without accrual of Commission fees, except for the commissions specified in the withdrawal of funds in the corresponding block as fees charged by electronic payment systems.

4.5. Withdrawal of funds is possible only to those payment systems from which you have invested. Or those from which your partner made a contribution.

5. Provisions of the affiliate program:

5.1. Upon completion of the registration procedure, each Participant is given access to a special link, clicking on which the invited Participant acquires the status of a partner in relation to the invited participant.

5.2 the amount of the partner remuneration is Calculated depending on the tariff plan chosen by the partner.